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Sat Nav

The Falcon range of satellite navigation systems includes models for motorhomes, caravans and RVs, horse boxes and lorry boxes, trucks, motorbikes and cars. All our satnav’s include full mapping for the UK and Western/Eastern Europe (48 countries in total) and updates are free for life.

Caravan and motor home model

Camping TV

The Falcon range of slimline 12V travel TVs are packed with features such as built in DVD player, DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 tuners for viewing HD programmes through a standard aerial (eg. Freeview) or satellite dish (eg. Freesat) without the need for extra receivers or tangles of wire.

Camping TV

Satellite TV

Satellite TV for your caravan or motorhome is now very easy and cost effective thanks to the latest technology from QuickSAT, choose from easy to setup portable dishes and manual roof mount dishes or go fully automatic with the QuickSAT Auto roof dishes.

Satellite TV Package

Mobile Internet

3G and 4G mobile internet technology offers high speed access at ever reducing costs making it a good alternative to campsite WiFi.

Our Rangemaster long range WiFi products are ideal for motorhomes, caravans and boats where you need your Wireless network to reach that little bit further.

Share your new internet connection with multiple devices including iPads, iPhone and Android tablets and phone, in fact any device with WiFi.

Falcon Internet

Solar Panels for Motorhomes & Caravans

Get the most of the sun with our range of Solar Panels for Motorhomes, Caravans and Campervans

We have rigid and flexible roof top panels and portable solar panels for all kinds of camping. Keep your batteries topped up with the free power of the sun.

Off Grid Electric – Mains Power Inverters

Inverters are ideal for powering things like microwave ovens, hair dryers or hair straighteners, kettles, laptops, phone or battery chargers, power tools, TV, games consoles, video and hi-fi equipment.

There are two types of mains inverter:

Modified Sine Wave – This type of inverter is cheaper and is compatible with a lot of basic electronic devices but more complicated devices won’t run properly or will run at a reduced power. Microwave ovens and most devices using AC motors will run off off a modified sine wave inverter albeit at a reduction in efficiency and performance.

Pure Sine Wave – A pure sine wave inverter is more complex than the cheaper modified sine wave type but produces a sine wave output that is identical to what you get at home supplied by the electricity grid, this means that it is compatible with all AC devices and will allow devices using AC motors or microwave ovens to run at full power.  For this reason we recommend a pure sine wave inverter for general use.

Pure Converter

Leisure Batteries

These leisure batteries from renowned Austrian manufacturer Banner are amongst the very best you can get and are used by several Motorhome builders such as Hymer, LMC, Rapido & Chausson.

We can fit these batteries for you as a replacement for an existing leisure battery or as an additional battery including all wiring, connections and battery box as needed.

If adding a second battery your original battery should also be replaced in order to keep the battery bank balanced.

Leisure Battery

Rear View and Reversing Cameras

If your motorhome or RV has a blind rear wall or an otherwise obstructed rear view then a rear view camera system help to keep you, others, and your vehicle safe.
Getting a good view of what is going on behind you helps to avoid the increasing number of obstacles around these days, it’s all to easy to reverse into a low wall or post in a car park and it’s a great help when you reverse your motorhome into your plot, driveway or storage yard.

We have single cameras, dual cameras, wireless systems and a selection of monitors and complete kits.

Electrical Accessories

Alarms and Trackers

With over 20 years experience in automotive security we know what it takes to protect your pride and joy.

Parking Sensors with 4 White Sensors and Wireless Display

These parking sensors give you an audible and visual distance warning of obstacles. The wireless display (just requires power connecting) means you don’t need to run a cable the length of the vehicle. Reverse in confidence and prevent accidental bumps.

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